Saturday, April 4, 2009


If you are in Hampton Roads, there is a fabulous preschool in Norfolk called GUMP. The main reason GUMP has grown into such a wonderful school is because of the director, Betty Casey. Betty has been a huge supporter & continuously encouraged me with my business. I am very grateful for her constant support and enthusiam.
To return the favor, I always support the GUMP Art Show. This is an annual event held by the school to raise money. The money raised through this event is always given back to the children through programs or improvements to GUMP.
This year, Monkey See Boutique is donating a PRINCESS basket of hair accessories along with a gift certificate to our website {launching next month!} for $25.00.
If you live in the area, the art show is May 1 and open to the public. Take a peek at the fabulous businesses supporting this wonderful school.

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