Sunday, April 5, 2009

Energy please...

I did a show this weekend at my little girl's elementary school and one of the other vendor's present was Vemma. Vemma is a new supplement that is out ~ it taste surprisingly good and you only need a little {2 oz.} to get your vitamins for the day. Kid's can even drink it {I am going to mix it in with their juice!} In fact, Dr. Oz {Oprah's right hand man & the famous author} gives it to his kids!

What I am really excited about is this company has an energy drink too!

This is from their website:Insanely Healthy Energy Like You’ve Never Seen

Because slowing down is not an option, there’s Verve! With a convenient and fast-acting boost of energy, Verve refuels and revives your body quickly without a jittery feeling or energy crash.* The tropical fruit flavor, patterned after the very popular mangosteen fruit, tastes great!

Verve incorporates the best, most effective ingredients into one powerful product, making getting the energy and nutrition you need a snap!*

Verve’s trifecta of benefits includes:
A delicious, fast-acting energy blend.
12 full-spectrum vitamins and plant-sourced minerals.
An exotic mangosteen and aloe superjuice blend.
Choosing right amount of energy you need can change as rapidly as your day unfolds. That’s why Verve comes in two perfect delivery systems: Verve Energy Drink or Verve Energy Shot. Verve Energy Drink is a great tasting beverage that pairs well with the morning rush or for a fast-acting energy drink. It’s the functional and refreshing 8 ounce energy drink that delivers that extra boost.* Verve Energy Shot shares the benefits of its energy drink counterpart packaged in a 3 ounce portable product. The shot is a quick, convenient way to recharge with a healthy and serious jolt of energy.* It easily fits in your purse, pocket or carry on and doesn’t require refrigeration. Verve’s healthy energy is available in low natural sugar and sugar free options. Whether you are looking for the 80 mg caffeine energy boost from Verve Energy Drink or the powerful 125 mg caffeine energy rush from Verve Energy Shot, you will find what you need to recharge for the day.*

I guess you can say I am hooked! I already placed my order. I need all the energy I can get while putting together our website!!

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