Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cooking with All Things Trader Joes...

I just stumbled upon this book and since I have been a huge fan of Trader Joe's since I have a pre-teen in Southern California ~ I thought I would share. When we move to TN, we will not have a TJ's near by. The closest one is Nashville. But, I will have a Whole Foods around the corner! So, I am sure I'll be a Whole Foods groupie. But, for those of you lucky people who have a Trader Joe's near by and love all it has to offer {like me for another 2 weeks} check out this cookbook to see the delicious recipes!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Vinyl Monograms

We added a couple of vinyl monograms to the website today. There are many more styles and options to add. We will be adding throughout the summer. So check back frequently.

These vinyl monograms are the {HIGHEST} quality around. They come complete with instructions & an application tool. When we get to our new house in TN, I will be using a lot of these around the house to decorate. Of course I will take pictures of how amazing they look. I cannot wait!

I love my fancy interlocking car monogram I have on the back of my car! I have received so many compliments on it and everyone wants one like it.


Our Nephew ~ Evan Reed Young

Here is a picture of the newest addition to our family ~ our nephew ~ Evan Reed Young. He is the son of my brother & sister in law {Michael & Heather}. He is just the cutest & sweetest little baby. I cannot wait to see him next weekend.

He is wearing a Monkey See Boutique monogrammed jon-jon. I just LOVE little boys in jon-jon's ~ especially my super handsome nephew!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dimpleskins Naturals

I stumbled upon these products on another blog and had to share them with all of you!
These products are made in Canada, by a mother! All the products are made using pure & organic ingredients. One of the products I am most in love with is the Sniffles for Kids. I remember my Grandma Jarveaux always putting a Mentoleum {I am sure I spelled it wrong} under our noses before bedtime to help up breathe better. It was a nightly ritual for her as well.

Now, with three kids of my own we have a house with allergies and of course many winter & spring time colds. This product by Dimpleskins Naturals is of course made with pure & organic products and has ingredients like Eucalyptus Lemon, Myrtle & Rosemary essential oils. These add a warm feeling to this balm. It is safe for children 1 year and older.

Check out their super cool website at or click on the title above and it will link you there.

New Personalized Notepads

These notepads make fabulous gifts and come in the set of two for $18.00!! There are several different styles including some children & teacher notepads. Very cool.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New canvas tote ~ perfect for B E A C H & P O O L season!

We just love these wide open thick canvas totes! Stand out from the crowd at the pool with this updated tote in three yummy colors {bubble gum pink, aqua blue, or lime green}. They have a reinforced bottom & tons of rooms for towels, toys, extra change of clothing, name it!

New gift labels...

Look at these great new gift labels added to the website! They match the new prints and are oh so fabulous to have on hand!

New Silhouette Prints

These adorable personalized prints are new to the website. Many options are available to completely customize them! They are 8x10 and only 20.00! You can purchase individual or sibling prints in several different styles.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Pictures

Our family had a busy weekend! My girls and I spent a lot of time with my best friend, Suzzy and her children. Suzzy and I were roommates in college and remain close friends. It is great to have a friend that you know you can always count on. Our children play wonderfully together. Her husband is deployed and my husband is in Tennessee working, so we have spent more time together and it has been fun, fun, fun! Jordan {my oldest son} was in Richmond visiting his Dad, so he is the only kiddo missing from the pictures.

The first pictures are from Izzy's 5th Birthday Party at a bounce house place called Kangaroo Jac's. Izzy is Suzzy's oldest. In the pictures ~ the cupcake toppers {Hannah Montana & #5 topper} were made by Monkey See Boutique. We will begin to offer a large selection of different designs in August. Also, the plate with the polka dot purple ribbon is a Prissy Plate we carry on the website!

The second set of pictures were taken at the Norfolk Zoo! The kids had a great time riding the train, playing the water, & seeing the animals.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

I hope everyone has a fabulous Memorial Day weekend. Be safe and enjoy the holiday. I will be posting a couple of new items this weekend and update the blog & facebook page when I do. Until then, here is something from Martha Stewart to get you festive for the holiday:

With little more than an empty oatmeal container and colored paper, you can create a festive decoration that's perfect for Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, or any patriotic occasion. For younger children, it also provides a science lesson, illustrating the wind's direction and how quickly it can change.

Making a Paper Wind Streamer
Empty oatmeal container, or similar cylindrical container
Blue kraft paper
White kraft paper
Star-shaped paper punch
Craft glue
Double-sided tape
Waxed twine
Red-and-white grosgrain ribbon
Red ribbon
White ribbon
Fine paper punch

1. Remove the bottom of the container. Measure and cut the blue kraft paper to fit inside and outside the container. The paper should come right up to the top and bottom lip of the container. Lay the double-sided tape to the three edges of the paper on the wrong side, and affix it to the container's interior.

2. Using the star-shaped paper punch, create stars from the white kraft paper, and glue them onto the second piece of blue paper. Lay the double-sided tape to the three edges of the paper on the opposite side, and affix to the container's exterior. With the fine paper punch, punch four holes at the north, south, east, and west points of the container's top. Thread a piece of waxed twine through one hole and its opposite hole, and tie in place. Repeat for remaining holes.

3. Cut lengths of the red and white ribbon to create streamers, and glue them at the bottom edge of the container. Lay double-sided tape all the way around the top and bottom edges of the container, and adhere the red-and-white grosgrain ribbon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monkey See Boutique: Totes & Jewelry that scream SUMMER!

Monkey See Boutique: Totes & Jewelry that scream SUMMER!

Market Baskets

The market baskets are up! They can be monogrammed too! I L O V E mine and use it all the time. They are great for gathering toys in the car or keeping them contained. They are also great to carry packages to the post office, groceries around the store, and items to the classroom {room moms jump for joy!}.

Totes & Jewelry that scream SUMMER!

New items added today! Some great totes and a monogrammed sterling silver necklace. They all scream "it's summer time!" All of them would make fabulous gifts too! Check them out on the website. More jewelry is coming in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

For the beach or pool...

The summer is full of fun and trips to the beach, pool, lake, or river, or a little of each! Personally, our family loves the water and being outdoors, but my skin doesn't! I love these monogram hats! Perfect way to protect my skin and still be in style. To match my monogrammed hat I can use one of these fabulous monogrammed oversized beach towels. Perfect for any age and they come in fabulous colors.

These monogrammed towels make fabulous graduation gifts paired with a monogrammed tote or market bag!

Some new handbags...

Fabulous new handbags/totes perfect for the summer! Check them on the website. Super cute and at their price point they make fabulous gifts!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Cuddly Hippo Commercial

The Cuddly Hippo is a client of Monkey See Boutique. When Kathy was shooting for commercial, she asked if Riley {our youngest} would be a model. We said yes of course and attached is a video clip of the commercial. It features Riley wearing a Monkey See Boutique hair bow and another model wearing one of our couture flower hats. Enjoy!

Cafe Style Moms

Our feature on Cafe Style Moms!

Celebrity Baby Blog

Celebrity Spotting

Jessica Alba's daughter, Honor was spotted wearing one of Monkey See Boutique's hair clips! We are so excited and think Honor looks fabulous in her yellow dress and matching clip.

E-Party Update

We are not going to schedule E-parties after May 20. This is due to our upcoming move. We are moving June 8 from VA to TN and in order to process E-party orders, we are not scheduling any e-parties after May 20. E-party scheduling & hosting will resume after June 20 when we reopen in Tennessee.

July is a great time to schedule an e-party because we will have BACK TO SCHOOL items on the website!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Engraved Soap

Just added some new goodies to the website. They are some fun home accents that also make fabulous gifts! At these price points, you can afford to give them as hostess gifts, teacher's gifts, and the list goes on! Group the hand towels & engraved soap as a fabulous wedding gift.

I think the engraved soap would look fabulous displayed in an apothecary jar! I am going to try it in one of our bathrooms when we move and I promise to take a picture!

The soaps come in several yummy, fresh scents to include ~ mandarin mango, long stemmed roses, cherries jubilee, white tulips and hyacinth, kiwi starfruit, milk chocolate truffle, fresh linens, aspen mint with fresh lime, and raspberry mint tea. YUMMY! Added bonus ~ they look fabulous too!


The complete line of Monkey-Toes will be up on the website by the end of today! We are thrilled to carry this line of hand-painted shoes for infants and toddlers to age 5! They are hand-painted in the USA ~ so your money is going back to "our economy" and they are of excellent quality. Monkey-Toes has a huge celebrity following and has been featured in numerous magazines and shows {including the big "O" show when she interviewed Tom Cruise and showed Suri's Monkey-Toes ladybug shoes}. I know you'll love these shoes as much as we do!
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