Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fabulous News...

Save Handmade!

This is a great article. I have to admit I was sweating this law. All of us in the handmade community have been fighting for weeks for a change! Our voices were heard!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sippy Cut Inserts & Cups ~ The Perfect Gift

Happy end of January ya'll...well almost! I am having so much fun creating some new things and thought I would share this super duper cute sippy cup insert I made for my nephew.

These inserts fit in the Playtex sippy cup and sport straw bottles (and some other comparable cups). I have monogrammed the insert with vinyl lettering and oil cloth (making them completely WATERPROOF & DURABLE). Oh yes! I have tons of fabrics to choose from and will be listing more options in my ETSY store next week ( They are a super great deal! I am also selling the cups too. You get the cup, insert, and super cute gift wrapping for $9.50! Perfect for that "WOW" birthday or shower gift.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Monkey See Boutique: The Cuddly Hippo#links

Monkey See Boutique: The Cuddly Hippo#links

The Cuddly Hippo

Monkey See Boutique is featured on for our products featured at the Cuddly Hippo! I am dropping off more products to Kathy (the owner of the Cuddly Hippo) on Friday, January 30. Check them out if you are in the local area.

Here is the link...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The birth of ~ Say It With Flair

Anyone who knows me well...knows I adore anything monogrammed, things that pop, and special gifts. I have decided to share this passion of mine and open a new etsy store. Don't worry...Monkey See Boutique is not closing shop NOT after the celebrity basket endorsement. I am just combining my love of boutique accessories and monogramming. I personally think it is a perfect marriage. Currently, at *say it with flair* I have a couple of labels posted. I am working on new designs and styles of labels. Soon I will have monogrammed inserts (for coffee tumblers, sippy cups, etc), monograms for cars, cell phones, walls, frames...oh the list is endless! I will also carry some super cool gifts (some of my personal faves) that I will custom monogram for you.

I am super excited about it. In the fall, I will be making a trip to the DALLAS market with my mother ~ so watch out and check back later for some fabulous Christmas gifts! It is never too early to talk about Christmas (right?).

Check out

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Keeping me organized...

Don't we all want to be organized beings? I know I strive to be, but with three kids and a home business something almost always falls to the side. My sister-in-law, Mary Kathryn (aka- WooWoo) sent me link I had never heard of the site before and much to my surprise it was the answer to my organization nightmare! A date book and organizational "base" that would cover my businesses, life, and kid's actvities. Best part...right now everything is 20-50% off! Even better. I am ordering one today! Check them out!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Delivery please...

Above is a sneak peak at some new material I will be using for new products coming in FEBRUARY!

I have been a busy little bee around this house. This spring, my husband is getting transferred to the Memphis, TN area and the kids and I will follow after school gets out in June (pending the sale of our house). Currently, we are working hard to get our house staged to put it on the market in early March.

The biggest obstacle of the staging process is trying make my "studio" where I store all of my supplies as pretty as possible. This is never a small task and I have spent the last two days ORGANZING!!

While getting the house clean, organized, and perfectly ready...I have also been really busy with business ventures. I am so excited about 2009 and all the fun products I will be introducing (new hair accessories, but also fun monogrammed accessories for little ones, moms, and the home).

I am making a delivery to AOC Salon in Norfolk tomorrow. Leg warmers, hair accessories, and headbands. Next Friday (January 30) I will be at The Cuddly Hippo in MacArthur Center! Delivering some hair bows, hats, grips al a carte, and clips! You should check out the MacArthur Center website next week ~ I will be featured by The Cuddly Hippo! Oh how exciting!

More exciting products will be featured in some celebrity gift baskets next month. They are being given to Brooke Burke, Jeannie Garth, and Jessica Alba! Now, that is what I am talking about.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting ready for VALENTINE'S Day

I have to admit...I seriously love all holidays. I have always loved Valentine's Day and before I was married secretly wished for the romantic getaway or the perfect "movie" Valentine's Day. Now, I enjoy finding cute little gifts and fun finds for my kids. Anything to put a smile on their face from ear to ear and let them know I am always thinking of them (even when they give me a tough time!)

I have been creating some pieces for Valentine's here is a peak. I will continue working on new items the next couple of weeks (as time permits). We are also busy getting our house ready to put on the market in March. Our household will be busy painting and organizing getting everything staged. Anything helps, right?
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