Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Easter Buckets are back!

I have been doing these Easter buckets for years now and they are always a hit! Everyone loves these painted metals buckets that come in a rainbow of colors. They are the modern twist on Easter baskets! These buckets will last for years. In fact, I have already heard from clients who purchased buckets from me three years ago. They need to add on buckets as their family expands and I always love hearing how much they love them.

The designs are custom. I can reformat any of the designs in the shop to fit a 5 quart, 10 quart or 16 quart bucket. The 5 quart buckets are perfect for Easter egg hunts and smaller children. The 10 quart and 16 quart buckets are great for Easter bunny stashes. Some older children prefer the bigger 10 quart for Easter egg hunts.

Each basket is personalized and is adorned with ribbon streamers, bows or sassy ribbons.

Featured above are the 5 Quart size.

New Etsy Find

Do ever just giggle in delight at lovely things you see on Etsy? Sometimes I feel like I need an intervention. I could literally spend hours on Etsy and Pinterest daily looking at beautiful things that make me giggle with delight.

Today, I was delighted when I found Delightfully Lovely on Etsy. I know, the name says it all. You must take a peek at their shop especially if you are planning a party in the near future. The cupcake and cake stands in the shop are very unique. I personally have not seen anything like them before. I pictured sweet treats on them at a party or simply looking like a piece of art in my kitchen.

Delightfully Lovely has lots of different styles of cupcake and cake stands. You can also choose your favorite color from the shop's color palette.

Now to figure out my favorite style and color...decisions, decisions, decisions.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Halloween Buckets Are Here!

I must say my clients are awesome. I have a following of repeat and regular clients that keep me on my toes. I have had several of them start asking in July for Halloween bucket designs. I promised them they were coming and here they are (well some of them). I worked on these after hours (as I do all my design work). Burning the midnight oil as to not disrupt production time - we all know this is valuable time.
This is only the icing on the cake for the designs. More are in the works along with samples and other products for this holiday such as larger tubs, trays and wine glasses. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back To School Sale in the ETSY shop

Everyone loves a good sale, right? Grab a new backpack and/or lunch bag just in time for back to school in the Etsy shop. The black and white polka dot, wacky dot, camo and daisy backpacks and matching lunch bags are all on sale until August 19th. Monogramming is included!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Moving on...to Florida that is!

Hello everyone! It has been way too long since I posted something on the blog and I promise going forward to do much better (or at least try). Honestly, I have been so extremely busy filling orders (working 7 days a week) to get them processed, produced and shipped...there is little time left for anything else.

Currently, the business is temporarly closed as I embark on a personal adventure that promises to keep me just as busy (at least for a couple of weeks). We are moving from Tennessee to Tampa, Florida. Yes, while we are sad to leave the friends we have made in our short 2 year military tour in Memphis, TN, we are looking forward to the sunshine and activities a city like Tampa, FL has to offer. It is a big undertaking to move a family however, even a bigger undertaking to move a business like mine with inventory, machines, transferring accounts and other bookeeping (the less glamorous part of the business). Fear not, it will get done and I am hoping to reopen on June 15th.

I hate to close at all, but it is a must. The best part about taking a break...I am finally caught up on orders (such a WONDERFUL feeling) and when I reorganize the new studio... I have so many ideas to make it more productive which is a good thing for me and YOU! Hopefully, I can take some photos and share them with you.

Lots of great new products are coming along with the debut of Simple Chic Boutique. A great division of Monkey See Boutique to include trendy clothing, accessories and purses. July is the official launch and in June I will offer a couple of giveaways to promote this division. Fun jewelry, handbags and outfits will be part of the giveaways...so stay tuned!

There will also be a couple of clearance/sale items on the website ...you will not want to miss them. Over the summer I will also be hard at work trying to revamp the website. Bringing new fonts, choices and products.

Thank you all so much for following and supporting Monkey See Boutique! Love to all!

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Printed Tape

There is lots of energy and work around the studio these days as we gear up for the holiday season! I continue to work on updating the website, order holiday products, process orders, design new products and so much more. I wish there were 40 hours in one day!
This is just a sneak peek at some decorative tape that will be coming to the website. I just LOVE this product! There are so many things you can do with it and I will be offering some ideas of how to use it once I get it up. Think about using white or kraft recycled paper for your holiday gifts and decorate it with the decorative tape! Simple perfection!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting Ready for Back To School!

Are you getting ready for back to school? I know we are around our house. Time to purchase school supplies, clothes, shoes, lunch bag snack...maybe a new lunch bag or backpack? I have two great new items - oil cloth backpacks and lunch bags. You can get them matching and they come personalized of course! Take a peek at the fun prints!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Decorative Car Monograms

New car monograms are being introduced this month on the website and in the ETSY shop! Designed in the MSB studio...these bright *unique* car decals are simply fabulous!
I designed these with the sorority girl and mom in mind, but don't limit them to just greeks and moms...they are great for anyone! Get creative and think of a cute saying for your car.

New Changes Coming to the Website

I have been extremely busy in the studio filling orders and creating new designs and products. Right now, I am in the middle of working on branding the company with a new website! I am so excited about this face lift and new features coming with the redesign that will make it much more user friendly for everyone!
The design, new features, and changes are scheduled for completion right before the BACK to SCHOOL frenzy at the end of July.

As a **SNEAK PEEK** I am showing ya'll pictures of the new fonts, decorative elements and vinyl colors! The decorative elements take personalizing to a whole new level!

Cannot wait!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hello Old Friends!

I must first say I am soooooo sorry for neglecting the blog! All I can say is the past couple of months for me and Monkey See Boutique have been B-U-S-Y! I have truly been blessed with wonderful customers and a ton of orders to fill. I have basically lived in my studio since early February filling orders for gifts and one holiday after another. Because of the orders...I have neglected the blog, tweeting, and facebooking and I feel horrible, but there are just not enough hours in the day...and orders come first :).

I am just thrilled about some of the new products that are coming to the website and some of them are already on there...but I will share a few with you before I go tonight and hopefully get them up in June!
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