Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Delivery please...

Above is a sneak peak at some new material I will be using for new products coming in FEBRUARY!

I have been a busy little bee around this house. This spring, my husband is getting transferred to the Memphis, TN area and the kids and I will follow after school gets out in June (pending the sale of our house). Currently, we are working hard to get our house staged to put it on the market in early March.

The biggest obstacle of the staging process is trying make my "studio" where I store all of my supplies as pretty as possible. This is never a small task and I have spent the last two days ORGANZING!!

While getting the house clean, organized, and perfectly ready...I have also been really busy with business ventures. I am so excited about 2009 and all the fun products I will be introducing (new hair accessories, but also fun monogrammed accessories for little ones, moms, and the home).

I am making a delivery to AOC Salon in Norfolk tomorrow. Leg warmers, hair accessories, and headbands. Next Friday (January 30) I will be at The Cuddly Hippo in MacArthur Center! Delivering some hair bows, hats, grips al a carte, and clips! You should check out the MacArthur Center website next week ~ I will be featured by The Cuddly Hippo! Oh how exciting!

More exciting products will be featured in some celebrity gift baskets next month. They are being given to Brooke Burke, Jeannie Garth, and Jessica Alba! Now, that is what I am talking about.

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