Saturday, January 24, 2009

The birth of ~ Say It With Flair

Anyone who knows me well...knows I adore anything monogrammed, things that pop, and special gifts. I have decided to share this passion of mine and open a new etsy store. Don't worry...Monkey See Boutique is not closing shop NOT after the celebrity basket endorsement. I am just combining my love of boutique accessories and monogramming. I personally think it is a perfect marriage. Currently, at *say it with flair* I have a couple of labels posted. I am working on new designs and styles of labels. Soon I will have monogrammed inserts (for coffee tumblers, sippy cups, etc), monograms for cars, cell phones, walls, frames...oh the list is endless! I will also carry some super cool gifts (some of my personal faves) that I will custom monogram for you.

I am super excited about it. In the fall, I will be making a trip to the DALLAS market with my mother ~ so watch out and check back later for some fabulous Christmas gifts! It is never too early to talk about Christmas (right?).

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