Tuesday, June 2, 2009

H2O Box

Another find from a fellow blogger that I had to share.

How cool is this? H2O to go in a box! The perfect way to keep your child hydrated this summer. Great to pack for summer camp lunches & have in the bag for beach or pool time! You can order them at Amazon.com & include them on super saver shipping!

A little more about the product:

* This packaging is sterile and keeps out light/air, resulting in extended shelf life of at least five years (even longer if the packaging is intact).
* The inner lining that comes into contact with the water is made of polyethylene that has been deemed safe by the FDA (no Bisphenol A is present in our packaging). As a result ® is pure, safe and great-tasting water.
* Unlike cans or bottles, the Tetra Brik™ Approximately 75% of the aseptic packaging is made from paper; a renewable and renewed resource. AQUA2GO® is compact, lightweight, and can easily be flattened after use.
* To learn more about AQUA2GO, visit our website at www.aqua2go.com

{Click on the title above for a direct link to the amazon.com to order}

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