Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Pictures

Our family had a busy weekend! My girls and I spent a lot of time with my best friend, Suzzy and her children. Suzzy and I were roommates in college and remain close friends. It is great to have a friend that you know you can always count on. Our children play wonderfully together. Her husband is deployed and my husband is in Tennessee working, so we have spent more time together and it has been fun, fun, fun! Jordan {my oldest son} was in Richmond visiting his Dad, so he is the only kiddo missing from the pictures.

The first pictures are from Izzy's 5th Birthday Party at a bounce house place called Kangaroo Jac's. Izzy is Suzzy's oldest. In the pictures ~ the cupcake toppers {Hannah Montana & #5 topper} were made by Monkey See Boutique. We will begin to offer a large selection of different designs in August. Also, the plate with the polka dot purple ribbon is a Prissy Plate we carry on the website!

The second set of pictures were taken at the Norfolk Zoo! The kids had a great time riding the train, playing the water, & seeing the animals.


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