Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello eyelashes!

Yesterday, I dragged a "willing" 2.5 year old to the mall because I needed mascara. Well, I NEVER go to the mall unless I have to because normally I have three kids in tow & it is much easier to shop online to go into a speciality store like Ulta for make up essentials. So, I went to Ulta the day before. Ulta does not carry Lancome, but I was willing to try a new Smashbox mascara {of course they were out}. And, the salesperson knew of no other mascaras and just directed me to other brands with no guidance or customer service. This is one of my least favorite things...

A trip to the mall was necessary because I could not wait for a shipment from a store...I was bone dry. After all of that, I finally got the mascara I is the fairly new vibrating brush mascara from Lancome. It takes some time getting used to, but once you get it...the length of your lashes will amaze you. If you really want to be over the top, use the booster first then apply the mascara for a great night time look.

They had a great purchase with purchase and even threw in some extras for me. I am excited to try them! Just thought I would share one of my favorite things with ya'll!

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