Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Etsy Find

Do ever just giggle in delight at lovely things you see on Etsy? Sometimes I feel like I need an intervention. I could literally spend hours on Etsy and Pinterest daily looking at beautiful things that make me giggle with delight.

Today, I was delighted when I found Delightfully Lovely on Etsy. I know, the name says it all. You must take a peek at their shop especially if you are planning a party in the near future. The cupcake and cake stands in the shop are very unique. I personally have not seen anything like them before. I pictured sweet treats on them at a party or simply looking like a piece of art in my kitchen.

Delightfully Lovely has lots of different styles of cupcake and cake stands. You can also choose your favorite color from the shop's color palette.

Now to figure out my favorite style and color...decisions, decisions, decisions.


Tracey C. said...

Oooh! I just LOVE these! Especially the silver one! Thanks for sharing, I have got to check these out! Isn't Etsy fun? I love your blog! ~Tracey

Wedding sherwani said...

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