Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Easter Buckets are back!

I have been doing these Easter buckets for years now and they are always a hit! Everyone loves these painted metals buckets that come in a rainbow of colors. They are the modern twist on Easter baskets! These buckets will last for years. In fact, I have already heard from clients who purchased buckets from me three years ago. They need to add on buckets as their family expands and I always love hearing how much they love them.

The designs are custom. I can reformat any of the designs in the shop to fit a 5 quart, 10 quart or 16 quart bucket. The 5 quart buckets are perfect for Easter egg hunts and smaller children. The 10 quart and 16 quart buckets are great for Easter bunny stashes. Some older children prefer the bigger 10 quart for Easter egg hunts.

Each basket is personalized and is adorned with ribbon streamers, bows or sassy ribbons.

Featured above are the 5 Quart size.


Christmas Gift Baskets said...

Love the idea of a pink Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Ces seaux sont très beaux
bonne journée

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Sweet Caroline said...

These are a great idea and suit all budgets. Can be filled with a great variety of items and looks great.

Jay Hernandez said...
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Jay Hernandez said...

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