Friday, December 19, 2008

Can we say BUSY!

With Christmas only 6 days away...I have finally mailed my last package or so I thought. I just found a little gift I purchased for my aunt that I was going to throw in an envelope. Story behind this gift is my aunt is forever seen with a koozie (I am sure I spelled it wrong), but you know what I mean? They are the little drink coolers. Well, she constantly has a water, soda, or light beer in one (hey, we from the deep south). I was at this kitchen store going out of business and they had a pink one with "I am blond, what is your excuse" written on it. Since she is known for her blond hair & it was a steal at about $2.50 I had to get it for her. She is always thinking of me, my kids, and my hubby. Never misses a birthday or Christmas. She is just the sweetest and I love spending time with her. Of course I am thrilled about moving to TN when we will be only about a 4 hour drive from her and my other favorite aunt. So, long story short...I have her little gift and couple of cards and I am done. I guess I will attempt to get those complete with laundry and cleaning before driving Jordan to Williamsburg this afternoon.

I am also attempting to get my Christmas Eve dining list together. Actually trying to scale everything down...I think I am a little over the top on my choices after finding my little Paula Deen Christmas book my mother-in-law got me last Christmas. It just has so many yummy desserts! I am thinking everyone will hate me on Christmas Day at grand Young house with all the temptation.

I am taking a little break from the business in the spotlight over the holidays to enjoy the time with the kids. They are only young once. Plus Mr. Y has 16 days of leave!!! He does not go back to work until January 5. I must say it is well deserved. He works hard!

I am working on some new items over my break. Here and there when I get a minute. I have some new things coming out for Valentine's Day and already planning for spring and summer. This promises to be a busy time for our family with the impending move and putting the house on the market. I have no idea how I am going to keep the house in "show" ready condition while on the market. I am hoping for a quick, solid contract! Cross your fingers for us!

While Mr. Y is off...we will be completing "honey do" list projects that have both our names on it. We have to paint, paint, paint! Lots of touch ups and painting the green in Ms. S's room to a more neutral color that all buyers will like.

I just brought a new shipment of headbands to AOC Salon ~ enjoy. More leg warmers are coming to AOC Salon in January 09 ~ since she has sold out! Also, I will be meeting with The Cuddly Hippo in MacArthur Center Mall come early Jaunary to discuss selling my hats & flower clips. A special thanks to my friend, Melanie Cramer who happened to mention my name & business. Love it when my friends & customers market me. I am getting inventory ready right now to bring her in 09.

From our family to yours, we hope you all have a joyous and very happy holiday season. May 2009 bring many more happy memories and good health!

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