Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Chalkboard and Whiteboard Days of the Week Sets

I personally think these are great gifts for the teacher on your list this holiday season! Think about using these in a classroom! How perfect.

I use them in my studio to organize orders, shipments, and design projects. My next step, to put some in my kitchen for menu planning, because I am honestly ~ well not very good at that. This set is the perfect way to stay organized and on task. Of course, for the menu planning set in my house...I think I will stick to the 6 day set. This Mama does not like to cook on the weekends!!!

If you purchase a set for menu planning...get creative! Next to the days of the week ~ you can add Monday's Menu or Eat on Monday. Instead of To Do, personalize it with Pantry Needs or Grocery List.

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