Monday, August 10, 2009

Giving back and marketing...

When you have a small business or any business, you cater to your clients. You must find creative ways to get involved in the community and market yourself. Have you heard the saying, "if you build it, they will come?" Well, I think part of that is true, but you must set yourself apart from the others whether it's through your products, customer service, brand, and/or creative side when marketing yourself. I try to approach my small business with this model. I am constantly {ask my husband} trying to find or create products that I have not seen in every other store. Through this, I am trying to create a store brand that keeps my clients coming back for more because of the boutique style, quality, customer service, and partly curiosity because they want to see what is in the new items section!
Here is an example of creative marketing. I am constantly being approached for different things, but when an old friend {whom I happen to admire for her drive and business skills as well} approached me ~ I must say she sparked my interest. My old friend {we have known each other since high school} is a professional photographer who has grown her business and created new elements to her business as she saw the need. She is extremely creative and very inspiring to me. She is having a photographers workshop. Giving back to her community and also bringing in other businesses. Monkey See Boutique is donating an item {photo prop} and she also suggested doing a marketing piece to put in everyone's bag. Well, last night my little Riley did not sleep and instead of just sitting doing nothing ~ I worked on my marketing packet for the workshop. I thought it came out pretty good {for an amatuer} and very inexpensive to complete. Just a little time, effort, and love.
I honestly think marketing chances like this one {you don't have to pay hundreds & thousands of dollars for} are the most fun. You are putting your own stamp on your business {not a marketing firm} and reaching out to other small business owners. Giving a little bit back, one day at a time.
Each little packet includes a photo sheet of "Picture Perfect Props" they can find on MSB, a coupon, & my business card. Enjoy!

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