Sunday, July 12, 2009

My girls room...

I thought I would post some photos of my girls bedroom. It is still a work in progress {we have only been in the house for 3 weeks!}. I have some more ideas and I am going to do some vinyl designs and other pieces in the room. So far, my vision {with some help from my amazing mom} is coming to life. There is a story behind the pieces and my vision, so here goes...

It all started one year ago when my husband and I were visiting my parents in Ft. Worth. My mother works for an amazing interior designer who is also the owner of this fabulous shop in Keller, TX ~ Shoestring Interiors If you are ever in Ft. Worth, you must visit them and see the wonderful selection of home interiors and gifts Terrie has put in the store. She is truly a master. Anyhow, I went into the shop to pick up my mom after work and of course {my shopping eye, as I call it} picked up on all the fabulous things in the store. One of them, was a handmade cross. It was so powerful and beautiful...I knew I wanted it and I knew where I was going to put. I looked at my mom and said, "This is it, this is the inspiration for Samantha and Riley's big girl room." The cross' base color is chocolate brown adorned with accent colors of pink and green. I am not sure my mom had the vision then, but she was soon on board. I love the shabby chic look, but I am too bold of a personality and I love to make a statement. I wanted to mix the room up. A little shabby, a little antique, a little pop, and some tradition. Very eclectic, but hey that is me and I am beginning to realize my girls too!

The cross sat at my mom and dad's house for one year!! We found out we were moving and I held off doing anything until the move. We moved right outside of Memphis, TN with the Navy and love it. We rented a great house, in a great neighborhood and school district. As soon as we received our furniture, I was on the hunt.

LINENS: I ordered the linens before our move. I picked them out from Pinecone Hill and my mom surprised me with them!!! What a GREAT gift. She loved them just as much as I did. Monogrammed with pillows {of course!!!}.

THE BEDS: The two beds came from Haverty's. I really wanted antique beds, but just could not find them in the style I was looking for.

LARGE PRINT: The large print has the best quote, "I gave her ROSES but she blames me for the thorns" and it has a mother and daughter on it. I saw it at Shoestrings Interiors on a recent trip to Ft. Worth and knew it was the right piece as soon as I saw it!

TABLE in between the beds: from Shoestring Interiors!!! Perfect size, not too big or small. Great for navy housing too!

LAMP: Love that it is different. Chandelier style ~ just what I envisioned! Guess what? It came from Shoestring Interiors!

The MIRROR: The large mirror between the beds came from Golightly's in Ft. Worth, along with the other decorative pieces on the table.

The Dresser: came from Golightly's and the pieces on tops of the dresser came from Shoestring Interiors.

The PRINTS over the beds: are personalized prints from
Here is the link:

Of a perfect world or if we were not renting the house, the walls would be a different color and I would have dark, hand scraped wood floors. But, we don't and I am quite happy and so are my girls with the progress of their room so far. Enjoy.

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