Monday, March 9, 2009

Party fun anyone?

I love to throw a party...and when I do...I love to have personalized items and everything that {matches} my theme. Well, my nephew had a birthday party at the Children's musuem the other day. Happy 3rd Birthday, Aiden! Anyhow, the *morning of* the party I threw this bags and labels together for my sister-in-law. She purchased these square arylic glasses from Target and we added the waterproof {personalized} tags to the cups. Put the cups inside these super cute {personalized} bags for the kids! What a great little party gift. My little *Riley* loved seeing her name on the cup and would only drink out of {her} cup all day!

I am working on a whole birthday and baby shower line to include {super cool bags & boxes}, invitations, {food place cards}, cupcake toppers, {cake toppers}, labels, {tags}, and a couple of other tricks I have up my sleeve!

For Sammie's 3rd Birthday ~ we had a {horse theme}. I had the tables covered the vintage western inspired fabrics. The center pieces were {mini hay bales with chocolate horse suckers in them}. It was so much fun!

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