Thursday, October 9, 2008

Busy with custom orders!

I should be working. Instead I am glued to the computer this morning drinking my yummy pumpkin spice coffee. I love any pumpkin flavored products and this coffee is no exception! I sweeten it with a packet of Splenda & light vanilla soy milk. YUMMY! My hubsand accidently took a sip of my coffee the other morning and could not get over how good it was. The difference between mine & his ~ the light vanilla soy milk. He is hooked now!

After my coffee & reading emails, I am off to work a couple of custom orders and the rest of my day will revolve around household duties and getting product made.

I am having a sale in my EBAY store now. It is my "pre-restocking" sale. I am going to restock all items at the beginning of November. Fun, new merchandise & some great finds!

The picture I posted today is of the girls and I at Disney On Ice this past weekend. Their Aunt Woozie who works for a local radio station got us tickets for the show! They LOVED it!

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