Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Christmas Products

I am busy working on Christmas products. It is getting me in the mood for the upcoming holiday season. I was up last night completing these product and some others I am saving for the GUMP Shopping Sale on November 7.




Sammie and I baked cupcakes today. She wants the new cupcake maker for Christmas. I remember as a little girl always wanting the Easy Bake oven and never got it. My mom always thought it was a safety hazard. With all the recalls over the years on the Easy Bake oven, I guess Mom was right again. Sammie will not be disappointed, she will receive the Cupcake Maker for Christmas. You bake the cupcakes in the microwave and use the "maker" for the decorating. I think we will just bake our own an use the decorator. Microwaved cupcakes just do not sound that "yummy" to me.

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